Transforming visions into shapes

"If you grow up in a shoemaking workshop, creations of footwear from a bunch of collected material becomes for you something natural, granted and eventually inseparable from your being." These are words where Samir explains his creativity and love of designing shoes.

The family is in its third generation of shoemakers. They have all learned through the family workshop as well as in vocational schools, which Samir completed in Kranj. At that time it was the best such school in the country. When he returned home after schooling and started working with his father, he realized that their work mostly includes repairs and occasional orders for the manufacture of new footwear. But he wanted something more. When he had free time, he experimented with various forms and materials for footwear. He didn´t make any sketches because he didn´t have time for this. He started designing following his ideas. Orders began multiplying and satisfied customers started returning.

An increased interest in making shoes to order has come in the last years, mainly due to the crisis in the footwear industry. Companies in this industry are closing down in Slovenia and also in many other European countries. Production of footwear is moving to Asian countries. Synthetic materials and plastics are mostly used in the manufacture of current shoes. Therefore, more and more people choose custom made footwear from natural materials. This is an opportunity and a challenge for anyone who has the talent and desire to deal with the creation of shoes. Samir´s creativity was noticed by a student of the High School of Design in Ljubljana, who invited Samir to a cooperation.
Samir made a series of shoes for him last year. This year many students presenting their dresses in the final show have chosen footwear that was designed and made by Samir. These dresses and shoes inspired Slovenian fashion critics, and videos of the show were played for a few days on many TV programs.

Joan Baez (American folk singer), Franci Kek, Smiljan Mori and many other celebrities wear shoes made by Samir. They are a combination of elegant forms and natural materials in beautiful colors, which makes them works-of-art of footwear. A foot adorning one of his shoes becomes a feast for the eyes and is a symbol of comfort.

To verify this – just try them.

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